La Creatura torna il 30 aprile / Kingfisher + My own voice


Kingfisher is an Italian 3 bass guitars,vocals and drums dynamic band, formed in 2013.
They provide a unique sound that comes from experimentation and eccentric playing style, exploding through intense live performances.
After publishing a 3-song demo and a self-titled Ep (released in early 2014, when the band still had a 4-piece line-up), they started touring, playing more than 40 gigs.
At the end of 2014, the band took a break from the live shows to focus on writing new material. Aiming to expand frequencies and shades, Kingfisher decided to add a third bass before entering the studio.
In January 2015, Kingfisher released their debut album “The Greyout” (Bello Records), recorded and mixed at La Sauna Studios by Andrea Cajelli, mastered by Giulio Ragno Favero.

My own voice. A few words from the past… We started playing hardcore back in 2001, to follow our passion and scream our ideas. A few years rolled by, we changed line-up a million times, we released a couple of records, we toured around Italy and Europe, we met great people and great friends, we saw great places, we drank, we laughed, we drove, we fought, we stinked, we were sleepless, and we tried to spit our opinion in the world’s face every single day. We’re still here, trying to have fun and create something with our good old useless loud hardcore.


le offerte servono per pagare le band e altri concerti e iniziative per rendere più o meno triste questa città (dipende dai punti di vista) così come i proventi delle consumazioni.


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